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Spotlight is used to focus light on an object. The colour temperature we use for the spotlight has fits and shape the display products come alive and catch other's eye. We tend to separate the cabinet column is to strengthen and make sure the light reflected by the products doesn't affect others. Modern and aesthetic lights like our design!

LED liner

LED liner as the cabinet light to empower the looks of column giving out the feeling premium yet doesn't lose its beauty. The lights are design to improve the feelings of each different layer create it easier to distinguish every products or cabinet.

Custom made Chandelier

Everyone can custom made their chandelier right now! This chandelier is custom made for the famous restaurant in Malaysia. Elegant and luxurious chandelier design has surely attracted customer worldwide to visit! The type of light selected made the atmosphere of restaurant warm and comfort, making everyone pleasure every moment while having their meals.

Custom made Linear Track Light

This custom made LED linear track light is having the orientation of 45° degree, enabling it not to waste any single photon of light. For sure, it also focuses the light more on the working space, making workers more focus on their intricate work and having a clearer looks.

"Let there be light."

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